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Release Notes

6.4.0 (10/2/2021)

  • New application for FirstEnergy PA Custom Building Improvements Assistance
  • New application for Ameren Illinois
  • New web service to support WeidtSpace integration
  • Rename of FirstEnergyPA to FirstEnergy-CNC
  • Update to FirstEnergyPA-CNC application approval template and city requirement. Project state field updated to PA
  • Updates to CEDA application - NAICS no longer required, Program Impact fields required, utility account manager field moved to customer section
  • Update to Duke NCEEDA application to include sector and finance fields
  • Duke VEA video added to intro screen
  • Inclusion of Other Design team member on approval email (if specified)
  • Implementation of logging

6.3.2 (7/20/2021)

  • Fix to CEDA application drop down list loading

6.3.1 (7/9/2021)

  • Enabling of new CEDA application
  • Updates to CEDA application to remove schedule field requirements
  • Updates to CEDA video
  • Inclusion of Long Island on NY map
  • FirstEnergy utilities listed out on home page

6.3 (6/10/2021)

  • New California Energy Design Assistance application
  • New application for MEC existing data centers
  • New application for FirstEnergy Pennsylvania
  • Interface updates to all pages for ADA compliance
  • Testimonials and updated marketing verbiage on home page
  • Additional verbiage added to footer of Potomac Edison page
  • Track and Service Territory fields removed from Potomac Edison application
  • Updated verbiage and links on the CNC intro page

6.2.2 (4/9/2021)

  • Inclusion of Project/Prospect field in MERC application
  • Angle bracket validation upon lost focus
  • EDA PDF download on home page
  • Google Analytics tracking code updated to latest

6.2.1 (4/1/2021)

  • Update to Colorado Black Hills to validate entered zip code
  • Updates to web.config to better handle invalid URLS and web requests
  • Inclusion of Project/Prospect field in MERC application

6.2 (2/25/2021)

  • Visual updates to home page. Switch to Montserrat font
  • Updates to SNOPUD application for zip code validation, removal of Track field, addition of signatory fields and approval template
  • Home page links to Potomac Edison updated to link to their new marketing site Updates to EmPOWER Maryland verbiage.
  • MERC terms in place
  • Add a Note link hidden when disabled

6.1 (2/5/2021)

  • Support for Minnesota Energy Resources (MERC) into Xcel and Dakota Electric applications
  • New standalone application for Minnesota Energy Resources (MERC)
  • New application for Potomac Edison
  • Updated PDF templates for Xcel/Dakota/CPE/MERC applications
  • Fix to missing Other Design Team members on Xcel form
  • Fix to new user registration email link
  • Removal of Track V code from CNC application
  • Removal of Ottertail Power
  • Updates to admin tools to allow user searching and program template editing
  • Removal of terms from SNOPUD application
  • Inclusion of Twitter and LinkedIn logos on footer

6.0.1 (12/10/2020)

  • Update to FOE application required fields when populated through query string
  • FOE tracking code for logging activity
  • Support for ProjectName parameter in FOE querystring
  • New Track field added to Duke VEA application
  • Fix to fonts to allow application deletion and print icon
  • Zip code validation added to Xcel application
  • After authentication, control returns back to original page
  • Fix to Duke required date fields css styling

6.0 (10/26/2020)

  • Updated home page including navigational map
  • New Duke Energy application
  • New application for SNOPUD
  • Authentication updated to TWG Federated
  • New OnlineEDA API web service for internal use
  • User Editor updated to longer operate as a popup
  • BES and XcelCO applications no longer require login, redesigned for responsive
  • Support for ProjectName parameter in FOE application

5.3 (8/10/2020)

  • Updated Xcel Energy application
  • FOE application updated to include design team members on new application email
  • Linkage to MinnPACE document

5.2 (5/18/2020)

  • Validation added to Ottertail Power application to vet zip code service area

5.1 (4/27/2020)

  • Update to all email From address logic, including ReplyTo
  • Fix to FOE agreed to T&C's logic

5.0.2 (3/12/2020)

  • Updates to Duke VEA application verbiage

5.0.1 (2/17/2020)

  • Verbiage updates to Focus on Energy application form
  • Removal of schedule section from Duke form
  • Updated link to Duke enrollment wizard
  • Focus on Energy 'How did you hear about' question changed to drop down

5.0.0 (1/9/2020)

  • New application for Focus on Energy

4.6.1 (12/12/2019)

  • Two new questions added to Duke VEA application

4.6.0 (11/1/2019)

  • Updates to Duke Energy Virtual Assessments application to allow Willdan account managers to be specified
  • User manager filter for active/inactive statuses

4.5.0 (8/24/2019)

  • Updates to Duke Energy Virtual Assessments application instructions and terms
  • Updates to CNC Application terms

4.4.0 (7/15/2019)

  • Update to Duke Energy Virtual Assessments application - # of floors, and Other specifications
  • CNC Application layout updated for responsive design
  • Support for redirects to domain with web.config setting

4.3.0 (5/29/2019)

  • Updated to Willdan branding
  • Willdan splash screen
  • Livechat widget switched to Zendesk

4.2.0 (4/2/2019)

  • New application for Black Hills Energy Colorado
  • New Active field added to Program table
  • Program name separated out into Name and Sponsor
  • Program Manager updated to support management of Sponsor, Active and Logo
  • All applications updated to use reference sponsor and program logo
  • Icons switched from png graphics to glyphicons

4.1.0 (1/25/2019)

  • New application for Duke Energy Virtual Assessments (1/15/2019)

  • New application for Dakota Electric Association (hidden)
  • PDF attachments to approval emails now include a locked down version of the PDF form
  • Natural gas selection removed from CNC application
  • Black Hills removed from CNC logos and intro sentence
  • Update to Xcel CO status drop downs to enable for admins regardless of terms (8/3/2018)

  • Updated Xcel MN PDF report
  • Updated Xcel MN terms and conditions (5/10/2018)

  • Update to MidAm terms - 15% savings changed to five (4/30/2018)

  • New terms and conditions for Ottertail Power
  • Revamp of Ottertail Power interface to use soft logins like CNC and Xcel
  • AJAX controls added to OTP application
  • Building Information table in OTP application updated to calculate space usage
  • Update to Application Manager utility company filtering rules to apply Xcel/CPE filters when picking a specific program (4/1/2018)

  • Rewording to Xcel MN Certification section. (3/15/2018)

  • Fix to 'My Information' section to not create account until first and last name are specified.
  • Fix to 'My Information' phone field. Was not being populated